Back Jack Chair: This chair provides support when the adult is semi-reclined with a child over the lap. It can be used in a class room, in a therapy room or at home.

Feeding Stool: position the The Medela Nursing Stool in natural oak relieves the stress on your legs,back, shoulders and arms.Its scientific design elevates your lap to help baby more comfortably for breast or bottle-feeding.The stool can help ease pain after an episiotomy or caesarean.

Baby Buffet: Baby proof feeding tray with unique slanted bowl design. Promotes early self-feeding.

Boppy pillow: Boppy is the best support to nursing the baby. You can slip it around the waist which gives your back some relief when giving the bottle. Baby’s best buddy with a Boppy, supportive friend when it comes to learning how to sit up.