Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion:

Textbook for the advanced training and research courses of acupuncture organized by the three training centers in China, with emphasis on the integration of theory with practice.
544 pages

The Essentials of Contemporary Chinese Acupuncture:

This book features the essentials of clinical experiences and provides information and reference materials to readers.
639 pages.

Modern Chinese Massotherapy:

This book contains five chapters: firstly, the principles of curing diseases by massage; secondly, the technique of massage; thirdly, the acupuncture points commonly used in massage; fourthly, how to apply the massaging method and fifthly, the clinical treatment.
212 pages.

Advances in China’s Extremity Replantation:

Deals in detail with the important problem in the replantation of the severed limb and indications for operations,
replantation techniques, debridement, etc.
374 pages.

A Handbook for Acupuncture Treatment for Cats and Dogs:

A handbook in table form describing acupuncture points, location of acupuncture points, local anatomy, needling method and main treatment on dogs and cats.
50 pages.

The Treatment of Horses by Acupuncture:

Concentrates on horses acupuncture, covers acupuncture points, location, horses reaction and diagrams.
40 pages

The Treatment of 100 Diseases by New Acupuncture:

Contains a table with “Therapeutic method”, “prescription points”, “Technique” and “Remarks” in each of the 100 diseases have been drawn up for the convenience of users.
90 pages

Practical Ear-Needling Therapy:

This book provides a good review on auriculotherapy. This therapy has been used in recent years indifferential diagnoses, acupuncture anaesthesia, etc and have obtained good results in varying extent.
70 pages.

China’s new needling treatment:

Talks about the most effective and simplest methods of curing various diseases by acupuncture called China’s new needling treatment.
73 pages.


The Eighteen Ways of Chinese Gymnastics Exercises:

This book shows the effectiveness and the characteristics of the eighteen ways of Chinese Gymnastics Exercises to serve a prevention of diseases and a kind of gymnastic therapy.. Each includes a diagram.
79 pages.

The acupuncture treatment for paralysis:

Paralysis is a very common disease in clinic. It’s a disorder which is very difficult to cure. Treating paralysis with acupuncture has had a history of over 200 years. Based on experience and a lot of knowledge, the authors feel that acupuncture is a very reliable therapeutic method in treating paralysis.
210 pages.

Clinical guide to proper selection of acupoints:

A specialized book of guiding significance on the clinical selection of acupoints in acupuncture and moxibustion. Features concise descriptions and discussion, and integration of theory with practice. Enables acupuncturists to select appropriate acupoints according to the patient’s clinical situation.
211 pages.

The Story of Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion:

This booklet elucidates the beginnings and development of acupuncture and moxibustion.
36 pages.

Tajiquan in 88 forms:

Introducing Tajiquan exercises, with illustrative diagrams.
230 pages.

Finger Acupressure:

This book introduces the technique of finger acupuncture: healing which involves finger massage over the acupuncture points. Using his and other professionals’ experiences, he points out the most effective acupuncture points, in an easy, simple and harmless way.
92 pages.

Chinese Qigong Therapy:

This book introduces the readers to the theory of self-controlled Qigong practice, the five basic Qigong patterns, the cancer treating Qigong, the hypertension treating Qigong and the massaging Qigong.
264 pages.

Relax and Calming Qigong:

Introduces the self practice of Qigong.
62 pages.

Dayan Qigong:

Introduces the Dayan Qigong, also known as the “Wild Goose Breathing Exercise”.
72 pages.

Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Outlines the basic concepts and theories of Chinese Traditional Medicine. The contents include: yin/yang, 5 phases, viscera, qi/xue/jinye, meridians and collaterals, pathogenesis, diagnostic techniques, 8 guiding principles, identification of syndromes according to zang fu, prevention and treatment of disease.
300 pages

The Massage therapy of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

Written by famous practitioner Dr. Cao Xi-Zhem, this book makes a systematic exposition of therapeutic massage techniques. It is also a introduction to various minor methods, the acupuncture points and their indications for the massage therapy.
234 pages.

Nose, Hand and Foot Acupuncture:

Describes with details about nose, hand and foot acupuncture.
46 pages.

Acupuncture in Clinical Practice:

Emphasizes the pathways of the meridians. Divided into 4 parts: basic concepts of traditional Chinese Medicine, the course and direction to each meridians, organ connected with each meridian and connective points with other meridians, and points commonly used on each meridian along with their indications. 154 pages.

Synopsis of Chinese Acupuncture:

This book provides basic information in simple language with minimal medical terminology on acupuncture only, giving a bird’s eye view of the subject.
123 pages.

The way to locate Acupoints:

It describes and illustrates the anatomical locations of the points of each channel which are: the three yin channels of the hand, the three yang channels of the hand, the three yang channels of the foot, the three yin channels of the foot, the du and ren channel points. This material is suitable both for teaching and for clinical work.
72 pages.

Traditional Chinese Fitness Exercises:

Introduces taijiquan and qigong.
134 pages.

Therapeutic Breathing Exercises:

Qigong, or breathing exercises, is a very effective measure to cure diseases and keep good health. With illustrated diagrams, the books shows the various postures a person can do to cure illness and keep good health.
108 pages.

Applied Chinese Acupuncture for Clinical Practitioners:

This book covers both traditional theories of Chinese acupuncture. The author summed up his experiences and data achieved in many years and compiled them into this book, with more than 100 kinds of disease with more than 200 cases of illness recorded well and treated well.
306 pages.

Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber:

It’s the second half of Treatise on Febrile Diseases Caused by Cold and Miscellaneous Diseases. It talks about miscellaneous and gynaecological diseases.
366 pages.

Tongue Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine:

Thorough and clinically orientated exposition of tongue diagnosis written by Giovanni Maciocia.
164 pages

How to apply Face,Nose,Hand & Foot Acupuncture:

A simple book describing how to apply acupuncture on face, nose and hand.
56 pages.


This book has 113 pages, is a table of the points and an introduction of their localizations also the main treatment and needling methods about all the points described in the chart.

The charts show the location of the 361 of the 14 meridians, 171 of the strange and 110 of the new acupuncture points, totalling 642, except the points on the auricle, the hand, etc.