Wilkris & Co AB, established in 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden, is involved in international trading and marketing of medical & health products in Europe and  China.

In 1993, as exclusive distributors for China of leading medical manufacturers from Europe and USA, our company was the innovative pioneer of high quality products such as medical compression stockings for the treatment of phlebology and lymphedema diseases and   cardiovascular grafts.

Few years later, Wilkris & Co AB gave their assistance to several medical manufacturers to obtain ISO- certification and CE marking in Europe.

Europe-Hwato was established thereafter as EU- Representative for HWATO acupuncture needles.

Wilkris & Co AB has been a major supplier of medical equipment since 1990 in the Nordic countries of a diversified range of medical and oral-motor products meeting international quality standards.

Our products range from acupuncture supplies such as high quality, safe and reliable disposable acupuncture needles HWATO and SEIRIN, home healthcare  products, to  more innovative, educational and therapeutic products mainly  for children and infants with feeding, swallowing and oral-motor problems.

In the future, Wilkris & Co AB is planning to expand in the market of high-tech medical equipment such as rehabilitation nursing and medical oxygen appliances series.

Under its consultancy activities, Wilkris & Co AB has been engaged for the last decade in various cooperation programs mainly between China and the Nordic countries in the areas of public healthcare, environment technology and human resources.

In 2007, Wilkris & Co AB established a consultancy office in Beijing, China.

In 2009, a cooperation agreement was signed with the World Federation of Acupuncture and Moxibustion Societies (WFAS), a NGO with official relationship with WHO, to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine ( TCM ) and acupuncture training courses in the Northern Europe.

Standardization of modern and safe  acupuncture medicine  together with  the  increasing social development and advancement in our societies  of integration between the western and  the complementary as  alternative medicines including  herbal medicines  will provide better accessibility  and  contribute to  more effective methods in meeting the global  changes and needs of the medical environment.