Charts and Notepads

Ear chart:
The latest chart of auricular points. High quality 4-coloured ear chart, showing 136 points.
Chinese and English, 60 x 90 cm

Anatomical body chart:

The newest illustration of acupuncture points. A set of 3 pieces of 4 coloured charts
showing acupuncture points and 14 meridians on the body, auricle and hand. The
chart shows the location of the 361 points and 14 meridians, 171 of the strange
acupuncture points and 110 of the new acupuncture points, total 642 acupuncture
points .
Chinese and English. 40 x 90 cm

Animals charts:
Horse, Cat and Dog
Size: 450x300mm



Meridian notepads:

High quality A4 multicoloured chart, diagram of the body and ear.
German language only
Pad of 50 pages