Tens, Home Healthcare

DZZ-2000Mini Wireless Digital TENS:

TENS with varying width and rate



HT-I Mini Remote Control Healthy Massager:

Mini massager designed for health strengthening, body-shaping and body-building.
The signals generated by pulse forces the muscle to firstly shrink then extend, by
simulating the nerves in the natural condition.



Talking Pedometer HT-P10:

Displays walking steps, walking distance and calories burnt, talking and music function,
real time clock, timer, alarm clock, back light

Pulse rate Pedometer HT-P20:

Pulse rate checking. Display the walking steps and walking distance. Displays the
target and actual calories burned in one day. Real time clock with a sports timer.

Talking Pedometer HT-P30:

Voice announcement of walking steps, distance, calories burnt. FM radio with earphones, real time clock, clock and alarm.